360o Property Tours

ClearPlanz 360o Property Tours are the next best thing to performing a physical viewing of the property.

By stitching together numerous high-quality 360o photographs a full 'VR' tour of the property is created. This enables the visitor to explore a property following the route, and pace, that they choose.

Still photographs are useful for ease of printing and viewing on multiple platforms. However, a 360o tour provides that interactive element with excellent control over the property viewing experience. This option can help speed up the decision making process for the prospective buyer reducing the number of physical viewings required.

Try this out by clicking on the sample tour on the right. There is a full-screen button at the top right. View the floor plan with the button near the bottom left. Thumbnails along the bottom allow quick access to specific rooms. Use the camera icons to move from room to room. Use the full-screen button again, if necessary, to return to this page.