Energy Performance Certification

Example of energy performance certificate ClearPlanz always provide a professional and reliable service. It is important to know that only licensed Domestic Energy Assessors can provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate. We are fully qualified through Elmhurst Energy and our service is always friendly and approachable and professional. EPC in Andover and surrounding areas are carried out swiftly and we can help with explanation of the EPC and advise owners and buyers on the parts of the EPC to look through.

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate. This assessment will look at potentially how much the property costs to heat and light and how high or low the levels of carbon dioxide emissions emitted from the property are. The EPC rating takes into account the elements available at the property to be used, not how your personal lifestyle uses them.

Once the assessment has been done, an EPC rating between ‘A’ and ‘G’ will be given to the property on the EPC Certificate. Attached to this certificate will be a sheet of recommendations that offer advice to the property owner on how to improve the building’s overall energy efficiency. This can help lower carbon emissions and lower the overall running costs of the property in relation to the lower energy bills that will occur, as a result of the home owner following the recommended measures and seeking professional advise from the specialists required.

EPC - Key Points:

  1. All property being sold or let must have a domestic energy assessment (DEA) completed and lodged.
  2. Only registered domestic energy assessors are able to carry out and lodge an EPC.
  3. Currently a lodged Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is valid for 10 years.
  4. An EPC is not required if you are selling or letting a Listed Building.
  5. A typical DEA survey takes 45 minutes, dependent on property size.